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Poland Local Schools


Poland Local School District

Poland Bulldogs
The Poland Local School District (PLSD) consists of three schools: McKinley Elementary (K-3), Poland Middle School (4-6) and Poland Seminary Junior/Senior High School (7-12.)

The Poland Local Schools started in 1802.  Our vision is to build upon a tradition of excellence and our core values. Doing this, the Poland Local Schools will be a leading center of learning for students.  Poland Local Schools are committed to providing students with a well-rounded education, preparing every student for success and meeting the individual needs of students.

Mission Statement

To educate, empower, and inspire every student at every opportunity.


Built upon a tradition of excellence and our core values, the Poland Local Schools will be a leading center of learning for all students.

Core Values

  • Place the needs and welfare of students first.
  • Respect the inherent value of each student.
  • Nurture a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Build community engagement.
  • Operate with accountability and transparency.
  • Uphold the tradition of our schools within the community.
  • Educate within a collaborative, creative, and cultivating learning environment.
  • Encourage parent and community involvement.
  • Build honest and trusting relationships that respect all people.

Poland Local Schools

Dobbins Early Learning Center

Dobbins Early Learning Center

3030 Dobbins Road
Poland, OH 44514
(330) 757-7000

A preschool located in the Poland Local School District at 3030 Dobbins Road for our future bulldogs!

McKinley Elementary

7 Elm Street
Poland, OH 44514
(330) 757-7014

McKinley Elementary is a Kindergarten through 3rd Grade school with over 20 classrooms and 500 students.

Poland Middle School

Poland Middle School

47 College Street
Poland, OH 44514
(330) 757-7003

Poland Middle School is a 4th grade through 6th grade school with over 15 classrooms and 400 students.

Poland Seminary High School

3199 Dobbins Road
Poland, OH 44514
(330) 757-7018

Poland Seminary High School is a 7th grade through 12th grade school with over 25 classrooms and 800 students.